Condemnation of California Shooting

The leadership and the members of Minhaj-ul-Quran USA strongly condemn the heinous act of the California shooting. Such acts of violence can have no justification. Those who conducted such attacks are psychopaths, inhumane and terrorists; they cannot be and should not be associated with any religion. No religion justifies violence in any form. 

Islam is a religion of peace and promotes peace and love for all of humanity. According to Chapter 5, Verse 32 of the Qur’an, whoever kills a person, it would be like he has killed all the people of the society, and whoever saves a person, it would be like he has saved the lives of all the people of a society. 

Founder of Minhaj-ul-Quran, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, has written a very comprehensive fatwa several years ago and has identified such extremists and terrorists who claim themselves to be Muslims as Khwarijites who have no association with Islam. There are certain groups who are spreading and promoting such extremist ideology, which is also potentially causing some youth to become extremists. It is the need of time that the government should take immediate action against such groups.

There are about 1.5 billion Muslims around the globe, and most of them follow the Quran’s real teachings and dissociate themselves from extremists and extremism of any kind.

It is the need of time that all Muslims should read and promote the books written by Shaykh-ul-Islam against terrorism, in which he has clearly identified the Khwarijite ideology that unfortunately is being promoted by certain groups and countries. It is time to absolutely condemn that ideology that is resulting in brainwashing of some youth and making them extremists.

Here is the link of the detailed fatwa against terrorism that is worth reading and spreading:…/Fatwa-on-Terrorism-and-Suicide…

Here are some other important books worth reading:…/islamic-curriculum-pea…/…/islamic-curriculum-pea…/…/peace-integration-and-…/…/islam-on-love-and-non-…/…/muhammad-the-merciful/…/islam-on-mercy-and-com…/

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