Muslim scholar’s fatwa condemns terrorism

London, England (CNN) — A Muslim scholar has issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, that says suicide bombers are destined for hell.

Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri condemned terrorism and criticized Islamic extremists who cite their religion to justify violence.

Ul-Qadri’s 600-page fatwa is “arguably the most comprehensive theological refutation of Islamist terrorism to date,” according to the Quilliam Foundation, a London organization that describes itself as a counterterrorism think tank.

“Terrorism is terrorism,” ul-Qadri said at a news conference hosted by the foundation. “Violence is violence. It has no place in Islamic teaching, and no justification can be provided to it …”

Ul-Qadri is the founder of the Minhaj-ul-Quran, an organization with hundreds of thousands of followers in South Asia and the United Kingdom, according to the Quilliam Foundation.

Violence is violence. It has no place in Islamic teaching.
–Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri
The foundation refers to ul-Qadri as a mainstream Muslim scholar who is a “widely recognized and respected authority on Islamic jurisprudence.”
He criticized Muslims who, in justifying terrorism, say it furthers the goal of correcting wrongs done to Muslims.

“No good intention — even one thousand good intentions put together — cannot justify a wrong and forbidden act,” he said. “Good intentions cannot convert a wrong into good.”

Some extremists have interpreted the Quran to suggest that those who kill in the name of Allah will be rewarded after death with 72 virgins and a place in paradise.


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